Our History …

Moms For Real are two Alberta girls, Tracy & Keri, eating and feeding our families real food,  learning healthy living, all while supporting their community.

We realized in 2013 that there was a severe lack of correct information for mothers (and parents alike) regarding the food they were eating and subsequently feeding their families. Moms For Real {Health} is the next Level in our journey as women, mothers, care givers and humans.

We are still going to focus on FOOD, but also the things that encompass everyday LIFE, and everyday HEALTH.

In 2017, we embarked on The Vigil of Purpose; a group of moms and kids who wanted to understand and learn about Canada’s authentic Aboriginal Peoples. With children and tents in tow, we met, spoke with, sat in circle around and began to understand (even just a tiny bit) the truth of Reconciliation and the Impact our leaders have had on all of us.

We learned so much, it was mind boggling. We learned about others, ourselves, and what truly needs to happen before we can all heal – we need to forgive, love and truly hear others with compassion and understanding.

We realized reconciliation starts within. It is a thing that needs to begin with our own work and then, and only then, can we begin the momentous task of reconciling with others.

FOCUS: Moms For Real Health is the next Level in our journey as women, mothers, care givers and humans.

    • SELF: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual “exercises” to help you become YOU.
    • FOOD: Practical, affordable, non-stressy tools to feed you and your family.
    • FAMILY: You learn new ways, or remember old ways, to support your family: kids, partners, parents etc.
    • RIDES FOR RELIEF – Our annual Car Show & Fundraiser which brings attention to, and helps support Families in Crisis and Domestic Abuse Survivors. All proceeds for directly to charities who aid and fund these survivors.

In 2019, we successfully completed the second massive fundraiser Show and Shine to support women and families in crisis, and domestic abuse survivors; Rides For Relief.

This Show opened up a massive crack that spilled out our True Purpose – Women Need Women! Moms need Moms. Moms need to be SEEN and HEARD and simply LISTENED TO.

We will – as always – have an open and honest conversation around practical applications of healthy LIVING: food, self care, true sustainability, purpose led lives, happy children and partners, HAPPY MOMS.

Who are we actually?

Tracy Loeppky bio; Moms For Real

Tracy Loeppky

Tracy was born and raised in Calgary, and has been everything from a hairstylist, to a truck driver to a graphic designer. Her love for media, administration and the baby industry led her to Birth of a Mother Magazine – and it was a perfect fit! From BOAM, she was able to delve into parenting and media, and that’s when she discovered an alarming trend. The health, food and products in the mainstream markets where not what they appeared to be, and what did parents really knew about what they were consuming?

Meanwhile she and her family struggled through a fairly hopeless, and severe ADHD diagnosis with her oldest son, Justin. She felt that the “no cure, and medicate” strategy for her boy wasn’t good enough and began researching, what she found amazed her, & reversed the symptoms in her son!!

Tracy has spent the last couple of years embarking on a fairly intense road of self-discovery, she’s now a Usui and Violet Flame Rieki Master, Intuitive Coach, and guide. She has been on podcasts telling her story, is writing. book, writing a set of oracle cards, and SO much more on the horizon!

Fun Facts:

  • Even though a “City Kid” her German grandparents had chickens and a HUGE garden while growing up…now she lives in rural Alberta
  • Loves everything handmade, and retro – and will often find a way to “make it herself”
  • Crochets like a mad-woman
  • Makes a bug spray and homemade self-care products & Is a budding Herbalist
  • Loves all things Paranormal; she herself is a medium/clairvoyant and will read the occasional tarot card 😉
  • Is an Actor, Activist and Author
  • Has a dog smaller than a chicken – also has chickens

You can find her (more often than not) plugging away in her office in rural Alberta, just north of Calgary, where she lives with her husband and youngest of two boys.

Keri Looijen

Young(ish) mom of 2, born and raised in Calgary (NE baby!) She has dabbled in journalism, photography, photo developing, bartending, yoga, farming, furniture refinishing.
With the diagnosis of her ‘gluten intolerance’ over 10 years ago she dabbled in gluten free food but there was limited resources and little info about it. In 2009 her oldest was diagnosed celiac and she went head long into gluten free cooking and purged her home of all the possible cross contaminants and committed her whole family to the gluten free lifestyle. Her youngest showed the same signs for gluten as well. Suddenly in jumped a dairy allergy/intolerance for the boys and out went dairy as well (except butter).
In 2016 Keri dove head first into farming, raising 2 boys who eat a lot it started as a way to supplement the expense of food. Now resettled back into the city she’s finding any excuse to play in the dirt or visit farms.

A few Facts about Keri:

  • She’s a Pinup girl, hitting up as many car shows as she can
  • Has her own online magazine; True North Pinups
  • Certified yoga teacher
  • Is a self proclaimed foodie
  • A total adventurer actively seeking the fun in life
  • She’s a budding nutritionist
  • Loves to empower women and families
  • Adores her pooch, who is much larger than a chicken but terrified of them

You can find her touring around looking for adventures and car shows, more often than not with her little men in tow.

Tracy and Keri have teamed up in their endeavour to Eat Real Food, live purposeful and fulfilled lives and tell whomever will listen!