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No Microwave? No Problem! Why We Ditched Our Microwave …

Why we ditched our microwave. And it isn’t why you think!

Just like every other North American family, we had a microwave. Yes, I said HAD.
A couple years back ours screwed the pooch, and we decided not to purchase another.

Well, a few things really.
The first being; we simply did not want to spend the money to buy another one. Secondly, both my husband and I have read about microwaved food depleting most if not all of your food’s nutrients. And the many articles about the negative and harmful radiation they may emit.
Of course, there is always going to be conflicting information, sure, but we choose to find the most nutrient rich way to eat food … {it’s raw by the way, steamed a close second}
Even if they don’t emit harmful radiation – why add to the already growing amounts of microwaves, radiation and other shit in your home that, under any other non-technological circumstances, would not be there?
Thirdly –  I HATE the taste of nuked food – gross.
And, since beginning our Moms For Real Food Initiative, we’ve become, purists.

Questions I get when I tell people I don’t have a microwave.

“Like, OMG, I’d DIE without my microwave … how in GODS name do you make popcorn?!?!”
In a pot. With coconut oil. Takes (not even kidding) 10 minutes. How long does the microwave kind take?

“What if you want hot chocolate?” Snidely and usually with some sort of shit-eating grin.
Stove. {see a pattern?}
In a pot. Like an egg boiling pot. Takes 5 minutes. And let me tell you something else …. you don’t get lumps in a pot. It’s smooth, creamy and delicious.

“You must hate leftovers ….. turning on the oven EVERY-TIME-YOU-HEAT something?”
No. It’s called a toaster oven.
We switched all of our storage containers to glass last year. Easy-peasy – pop it in the toaster oven for 15 minutes. Go pour a coffee or go to the bathroom – BING, done.

“But microwaves are SO MUCH FASTER when you have a huge family to cook for.”
Uh … no, they’re not. My basic dinner with 3-5 items takes me 20-40 minutes start to finish. All the food tastes better, no hot spots, raw spots and rubbery textures:

Here’s the thing people don’t realize or have forgotten in our Instant Gratification, Fast Food Society….
Food is meant to be cooking MINIMALLY. Fruits and veggies, not at all. (Or steamed like I said above)
Meat is the only thing that takes time. So? You put that in first. Your sides should take you 15 minutes TOPS.

There are some very interesting side effects to losing your microwave:

• The kids learn to cook
• Everyone stops and enjoys the food because it’s taken effort to make
• You teach everyone that cooking food is normal
• Kids learn you don’t need every gadget, gizmo and POS tech to live life
• Family time. Make dinner together, teach them some skills other than using a microwave

Let’s lose the attitude that this thing makes your life so much easier … because it really doesn’t.
Shine on Sistas!

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