Top 5 Seed Companies Moms For Real
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Top 5 Seed Companies

Well spring actually kicks off in a few months, and now is the time to start planning your garden and buying seeds. I know it’s not something you’d normally think about, but what we’ve discovered is if you get that garden planned now, and seeds purchased, once spring arrives you’re not left hanging and then not planting it altogether!

Here’s our TOP 5 Seed Companies to get you GROWING. I’ll do a count down to leave you in suspense:

5. Osborne Seed

Osborne Seeds Top 5 Seed Companies Moms For Real

Our only Non Canadian company of the list. Well that’s kind of true there is a Canadian supplier in Vancouver (whom we met at the Organic Alberta Conference). He’s really excited to be supplying Canada with seeds and they have a large Organic and Heritage seed collection and they have lots of info. The website is easy to use and their catalogue is HUGE! So many options!

4. William Dam Seeds

William Dam Seeds Top 5 Seed Companies Moms For Real

They have certifications out the wazoo (both Canadian and US) and they have a vast array of seeds. The website is easy to use and they don’t just carry veggies, flowers, roots and bulbs, garden supplies. It definitely seems like a one stop shop.

3. West Coast Seeds

Westcoast Seeds

Well, not only do they have a massive amount of resources on their website we know SO MANY large producers, CSA and Market Garden peeps who use them. So with the ‘Untreated, non GMO Seeds for Organic Growing’, as well as the ease of ordering larger quantities, cover crops (so your garden rotation isn’t losing nutrients sitting bare. The website is seamless and easy to use, the Order Desk people are wonderful to talk to and it seems like they actually love their jobs, and they are CANADIAN! Which in this economy with our dollar in the proverbial toilet it’s a good thing to support our own!

2. Veseys Seeds

Veseys Seeds Top 5 Seed Companies Moms For Real

Veseys have everything and we mean EVERYTHING! Organic (our fav of course), heritage seeds (love), other seed, hand tools, and MACHINES. With everything all in one place it’s like going to the local greenhouse without the aisle of random stuff you don’t actually need but buy because it’s cheap and nifty (oh, is that just me?). You actually order exactly what you want and need and it’s shipped right to you. What’s not to love? Also, if you are a fundraising coordinator for your kids something-er-other (sports, school, dance you get my drift) they have a FABULOUS fundraising program. I am always amazing by Veseys and the outpouring of support they have to the entire community, all across our fine land!

1. Hope Seeds

Hope Seeds Top 5 Seed Companies Moms For Real

They are right on board with what we are doing and supported us last year with a whole smattering of seeds. So last year I ordered a whole bunch of seeds through them and they were AMAZINGLY wonderful with answering my questions. They had prompt service and fast shipping. This is their claim to fame on their website (which is easy to see why we love them so much) ‘We offer certified organic and sustainably-grown, heritage and open-pollinated garden seed.  We’re committed to high quality, organic growing, and local food.’

So there you have it! Our short list. Order from one or all the choice is all up to you.

We would love to hear your feed back who is your favorite? 

Other things to look for in your community: SEED SWAPS! Yeah, you show up and trade seeds with other people! Connect, connect and GROW. Talk to your family, friends, local farmers (Yes they exist), the old lady who stalks the garden center. Anyone. They will have ways, ideas and methods you won’t know.
Get growing all you beautiful people!

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